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Dialectics of Bookwriting: Divine Inspiration vs. Craftmanship

Sunday, 4th of October 2009

Towards a Unifying Framework for My Reasearch

Saturday, 3rd of October 2009

For our research group's annual retreat meeting, everybody had to prepare a poster summarizing their research interests. Since I was doing a lot of different things in the course of the last years, it wasn't that easy to make a coherent story out of it. Here is what I finally came up with (at least, I managed to convince myself).

2009 Summer Tour: Art after Science

Sunday, 16th of August 2009

Just returned from my summer tour. More than one month away from home. Had a look on recent developments in Artificial Intelligence in Pasadena, taught a Semantic Web course at the ESSLLI summer school in Bordeaux, enjoyed Russian hospitality at the ICCS conference in Moscow, and, finally, participated in one week of intense Renaissance music in the very east of Germany. Met many old friends on the way and made new ones.

Oxford: Spires and Inspiration

Thursday, 12th of March 2009

From January to March 2009, I was visiting Ian Horrocks' research group at Oxford University. During my stay, I was working on the topic of conjunctive query entailment in very expressive description logics. I sincerely enjoyed the excellent collaboration as much as I savoured the venerable flair of Oxford.

Science and Education: FCA Tutorial at ISWC

Tuesday, 4th of November 2008

Apparently Formal Concept Analysis has made its way into Alsace. Along with an online report on the ISWC Conference in Karlsruhe, an FCA tutorial given by my colleague Johanna and me was mentioned. Though I must confess to have skipped French at school, I guess to be attributed “un duo plein d'humour et de vitalité” cannot be that bad…

Science and Art Reloaded: Poster for AAAI Ready

Wednesday, 2nd of July 2008

I eventually finalized the poster to be presented at AAAI in Chicago. It's about a novel approach: using ordered binary decision diagrams (OBDDs) for DL reasoning (see the paper for details). In fact I had never designed a poster before and I put quite some effort into that one. But I think it was worth it, I kind of like the result and hopefully it conveys the intuition behind the work.


Science and Art: Tool Interoperability Workshop Proceedings online

Tuesday, 10th of June 2008

My co-editors Madalina and Robert and me finally finished the formatting of the workshop proceedings, they are even already officially available online: http://ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/Publications/CEUR-WS/Vol-352/

As Madalina already pointed out, while layouting the document we were sort of “carried away by our artistic side” and hence both visual arts (see below) as well as poetry were found to provide a nice frame for the scientific content. Well, to the best of my knowledge, this might be the first poem published at CEUR.

O programmer why seekest thou to hide
The mellow fruits of craftsmanship and wit,
Sweets with sweets war not, coupled side by side,
Will software grant the greatest benefit.

Each single tool might let the user down,
Another look and feel, another trait,
To spread CGs’ and FCA’s renown
There is no choice but: interoperate.

Mark how one tool, good fellow to another,
Connected through a pleasant API
As forged to gladly complement each other,
The user’s happiness will multiply,

Their seamless interaction, seeming one,
Conveying this: ’Thou single wilt prove none.’

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